14 Reasons to Get Out of the House over the Holiday Season

StanThe so-called “Winter Break” (formerly known as the Christmas holidays) from school provides families with children the opportunity to get away from home for a few days. There are lots of reasons why families might choose to do this, so I’ve compiled, with the help of our Facebook fans, a list of 14 reasons why you should get away from home for a few days over the Christmas and New Years holidays.

Reason #1: To avoid the ringing phone

For some reason, most of us feel compelled to answer as soon as the phone rings, even if we’re doing something else that is really important. During the holidays, what is more important than spending time with family? A ringing phone interrupts that family time, and communicates that the person on the other end of the line is more important.

Take a few days to get away from home, and away from that ringing phone. Then do something really radical and turn off your cell phone! Time spent interacting with family without those types of interruptions can reap tremendous rewards.

Reason #2: No Housework

Getting away from home allows you to let someone else take care of the housework. Just check in, and everything should be nice and clean. No dusting, vacuuming, mopping, or cleaning the toilets. How wonderful to have one less thing to think about when getting ready for the holidays.

Reason #3: No Honey-do List

Every home has projects just waiting to be done. You know…the honey-do list. Clean the windows, trim the shrubs, paint the bedroom, fix the leaky faucet. If you’re staying somewhere else for a few days, that is a few days that these projects are not stalking you, reminding you every few minutes that they’re still waiting to be done.

Reason #4: To Avoid Unwelcome Visitors

I’m not suggesting that you can’t stand the in-laws, but perhaps someone else keeps showing up at the most inopportune times. It could be a pesky neighbor wanting to borrow something. Or perhaps it is your daughter’s boyfriend who just won’t go away. A few days away from home can provide a much needed respite from these unwelcome visitors.

Reason #5: No Clean Up

Whether the place you choose offers maid service, or cleans up after you’re gone, that is one less thing to worry about. Simply have a good time, and let someone else worry about dusting, vacuuming, and mopping the floors after you’re done.

Reason #6: To Mix It Up – Break Out of Routine

Do you ever feel like you get in a rut? Sometimes we just need to get out of our familiar environment to break out of our routines and take the time to appreciate the little things in life. Getting away from home can provide that break.

Reason #7: Winter Sports

Winter is a great time to get outdoors and enjoys some of the cold weather sports. Skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, and ice skating all require cold weather, and the break between Christmas and New Years is the perfect time to take the kids without having to miss school. Wintergreen Resort, located only three miles from Cabin Creekwood has all of these sports, and tells us that all of their slopes will be open by Christmas.

Reason #8: Cuddle Up Next to a Fire

Most houses these days do not have a fireplace or woodstove. Even in homes that do, many of us find ourselves staying too busy to take the time to build a fire. Finding a getaway that has this option provides a unique opportunity to enjoy cuddling by the fire with your spouse and kids.

Cuddling by the fire often leads to deeper conversations than are typical during life’s normal routine, leading to stronger family relationships.

Reason #9: Quiet Time with the Family

I already talked about getting away from the phone, but quiet time with the family is worth mentioning again. When I get to the end of my life, I know I’ll look back, and the things that will stand out as most important will be the relationships I’ve built, and the good times I’ve had with my family. What about you?

Reason #10: To End the Year on a Positive Note

No matter what your year was like, you can end it on a positive note. Getting away from home can help you to re-focus. Take this time to remember all the good things that happened through the year, both big and little. Then give thanks for those things.

Reason #11: To Begin the New Year in a Different Way

New Years is a time when many of us choose to evaluate our lives, and make plans to change certain areas. I find it easier to do this type of reflection when I’m away from the distractions that vie for attention in my home.

Reason #12: Less Stress

For many of the reasons above, getting away can be a time of less stress. No phone, no housework, no honey-do list, and lots of time with those you love. What better way to celebrate?

Reason #13: Re-Energize

Life takes a toll on all of us. Stepping away from our routines is a way that we can re-energize ourselves, and prepare to face what lies ahead.

Reason #14: To Draw Closer to God

As a Christian, I believe that it is important to nurture my relationship with God. However, with so many things vying for my attention, it is easy to let this “priority” fall to the wayside. It never seems urgent, yet it is the single most important thing I can do for my mental and spiritual health. Getting out of the house for a few days takes me away from most of those distractions and allows me to draw closer to God.

Reason #15: Now It Is Your Turn

What about you? What reasons would you have for getting away from home for a few days? Be sure to leave your comments on our Facebook page.