4 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Thanksgiving


Photo by wattpublishing“This is the Worst Thanksgiving Ever!” You might feel tempted to say, when the turkey turns out dry, the mashed potatoes too soupy, or even worse—Hurricane Sandy decides to blow through town just before the start of the Holiday Season! Yet no matter what might be plaguing your day or year, Thanksgiving is a special day that can be more of a blessing in the midst of bad times than we often assume. Instead of trying to make everything perfect, do just as the Holiday suggests: think about what you are thankful for and nothing more!


Enjoy these 5 ways to improve your holidays, no matter the state of your life.


Re-direct Your Mindset


Mindset is everything, and believe it or not, you can change yours! Even science has proven it, if you repeat the same things to yourself over and over, you will start to believe them and then act on them. Tell yourself to forget about the present problems running through your mind, tell yourself to relax and have a good time!


Only focus on the people surrounding you, who on Thanksgiving should be the people you love most.


Be Yourself


Eat what you want and say how you really feel! To thoroughly enjoy the holidays one must act like their real self. For starters, your diet can get dropped for one day. Talking about diets during a feast is an instant downer for everyone, you can go back to your diet tomorrow. Today—give thanks that you can eat and enjoy delicious food!


Fully being yourself also means saying what’s on your mind. We all think nice thoughts about others but often times we fail to regurgitate them. Use this Thanksgiving as an excuse to tell your loved ones how special you think they are. Expressing your deeper emotions like this will release endorphins, and make you feel naturally high with love.


Plan Ahead


Photo by ilovebutterSome people aren’t planners, but if you’re going to plan at least a few days of the year—do it before the Holidays! A day can be dramatically improved if you get things done beforehand that might otherwise litter your holiday with chores. Thanksgiving can get really busy for some, especially those that have more than one party to attend. Make sure your clothes can handle the days’ plans! When deciding what to wear, dress comfortably. You might think you want to wear those new tight skinny jeans, but trust your gut—you really don’t! Try something that is still fashionable but way more comfortable and you will thank yourself later.


Remember: You Can’t Go Back


Making the most of your Holidays is so important, you might think one silly Thanksgiving doesn’t matter because they come around every year, but remember the only constant is change. As your own family grows, moves, and ages, the faces you see around your table are bound to change, so soak it all in! The more you savor a moment, the longer it lasts in your memory—in essence, the more you are living life to the fullest. Even if Thanksgiving this year is at the worst relatives’ house possible, you will never get this holiday back on this day with these people —so turn it into a great family story.


In times of tragedy, such as with Hurricane Sandy, our Nation is reminded how important our loved ones are and how fragile the life we lead is. Thanksgiving is not a day to say thank you for cars, beach-front homes, or big-screen TV’s; it’s a day to say thanks for the people that we love, because without them—what’s the point?


Our deepest condolences to everyone touched by Sandy’s wrath, and a Happy Thanksgiving to all!