5 Reasons to Cut Your Cell Off and Escape to Sherando Lake

Step away from the screen! Go ahead, you can do it! We believe in you! Maybe you’ve realized just how much time the small screens are taking up of your valuable schedule, or perhaps you are just realizing that you need to getaway and you need to getaway FAST! It’s wise to pick a location that is semi-remote and secluded and it’s preferable to not have any cell service, so you are not tempted to get back online!

More and more research has been devoted to finding out just how much getting outside and enjoying nature means to our overall mental health and ALL are concluding that nature and getting outside play a pivotal role in our health. Getting outside and breathing fresh air, exploring the woods and feeling the wind on our face is actually something that we NEED to do in order to maintain our bodies. It turns out, the benefits are not just physical. We actually reap more benefits emotionally and mentally from getting outside and enjoying nature.

So even though you don’t really need to be told 5 reasons to cut off your cell and escape to Sherando Lake, we’ve comprised a fun list to motivate you to come to Cabin Creekwood Sherando Lake cabin resort in the Shenandoah Valley/Blue Ridge Parkway Virginia.

cabins sherando lake1. The ONLY way to Escape the Election Cycle Talk is to CUT IT OFF!

If you are like us, you are sick and tired of hearing about this political party, or that group and what they are currently pushing or finding offense at. We are ready for sandals, cool waters, fishing, and bonfires. We like the simple things in life and we love enjoying creation.

2. Everyone knows Too Much Screen Time is Toxic….

It’s not just bad for your own health. It’s pretty terrible for your family’s overall health, too. Kids who’s parents spend too much time in front of the screens, either television or the small tablet / cell screens typically don’t go outside as much and have a greater degree of unhappiness. Conversely, kids who get outside often absorb to much information from their experiences and these really enrich more than just their knowledge base. Bonding is one of the biggest cornerstones of a family’s ‘health’.

3. Do you really need to or want to see more news about Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, or some other Celebrity and their favorite brands?

We are constantly inundated at school, work, and in our family life with messages related to celebrities and their favorite things, items and brands. Major companies give them incentives to push their products and hawkishly market them on social media and television/radio media. I’m sure you would much rather spend some time with your wife, than find out more about Kanye West’s financial portfolio and how large or small it is.

4. The ‘Viral’ Videos just aren’t that funny anymore.

Sure, Batdad is great. Watching pandas eat and tigers awake from a slumber is oddly fascinating as well. But, let’s be honest, the viral videos of today, just are not that funny or interesting anymore. We’ve seen most of them, or the new ones that come out, are just some updated version of an older clip. An older type of clip made modern with new settings and people, but the same overall ‘funny’ idea. There are only so many hours that you can spend of your life watching oddball, and humorous videos before you just get bored of, well, watching videos.

5. The World Around You Needs your Attention, too!

Maybe you’ve been neglecting your spring list, or maybe you haven’t read the books that you intended to this year. Whatever the list is, we are sure that you are not getting a lot done on it because you are likely spending too much time on your cell phone or other device. The world around you, needs your attention too. It feels neglected. You’ll feel more accomplished if you tackle small tasks on your list, rather than sit on the cell phone looking up random facts about your neighbors and friends that you don’t socialize much to begin with.