50% Discount – Facebook Special!

Hi there, It really is true! That Facebook ad that you clicked on wasn’t lying. We are offering a last minute 50% discount for cabins rented between March 1 and 15. Here are the instructions:

  1. Click here to open the reservation form in a new window.
  2. Enter the number of people and at least two nights between March 1 and March 15.
  3. See which cabins are available (Regardless which package you choose, your final price will be 50% less than the price listed under “Standard Rate.”
  4. Click here to open a new window and find out more about a specific cabin.
  5. Go back to the reservation page, select the cabin of your choice, and fill in the details.
  6. When asked for your payment information, be sure to put the word “FACEBOOK” in the promo code box to the left.
  7. Your rate will recalculate and your new price will show under Grand Total.
  8. Enter your payment information, and submit!

If you have trouble or you’re not comfortable booking online, feel free to call us toll free at 888-942-2246.

Hope to see you in March!



* May not be used for existing reservations.