A Memorable Lunch at the Purple Foot

If you’re on vacation and you happen to be out and about with the family near Waynesboro, Virginia at lunch time, and have suddenly realized that you’re all getting a bit hungry, suppress the tendency to look for a roadside fast-food restaurant to assuage the family’s hunger. Frankly, you can eat fast food when you’re at home and in a hurry. But, you’re not home and you’re not in a hurry; you’re on vacation and you’re relaxing. Why settle for mass produced fast food, when you can turn your luncheon into a memorable dining experience in downtown Waynesboro at the locally famous Purple Foot restaurant.

The Purple Foot, a combination restaurant and wine cellar which is located in the downtown area on Broad Street, is dedicated to the mid-day meal, being open only from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Don’t let the hours fool you, however, the menu is extensive and it’s superb. Hot and cold meals are available along with a fine selection of wine and beers. The menu typically includes wraps, Paninis, deli-style, croissant, and pita sandwiches and quiches, crepes, soups, and salads, as well as fancy stuffed baked potatoes and mouthwatering desserts. Kids love the assortment of delicious fresh baked cookies. Everything is fresh and homemade. Make sure that you don’t leave the place until you’ve at least sampled their hallmark “Lavender Lemonade.” It’s a “must try” tradition.

The restaurant is typically very busy, but don’t be put off by the apparent crowd. Room can always be found either inside in the Back Room Restaurant or under a trellis in the very lovely outdoor patio garden called “The Garden of Eatin,” with its fountain, lush plants, and singing birds. Casual precisely defines the service philosophy. You order your food from the counter, find a table, and wait for a server to deliver your meal your table.

Your lunch at the Purple Foot will provide you with an experience and a memory that the family will remember long after your visit. It will become an integral part of your western Virginia vacation experience. Someday you’ll meet others who have also enjoyed vacations in western Virginia. You wouldn’t want to see the look of incredulity on their faces if they knew that you visited the area and weren’t prudent enough to experience a delightful lunch at the Purple Foot.