A Quilter’s Paradise: The Many Faces of the Virginia Quilt Museum


Virginia Quilt Museum Civil War DisplayQuilts keep you warm, they remain in families for generations, and they serve as a source of comfort for many. For those who create quilts of their own, it goes without saying that quilts are indeed a work of true art—a creation that can express feelings, moods, memories and periods of time. At nearby Virginia Quilt Museum these works of art come alive with forever-changing displays of gorgeous quilts, each one more unique than the next. Not only can the art of a quilt inspire one to go home and create a masterpiece of their own, but it can inspire onlookers in many other ways as well—if you don’t believe us, check out the museum’s displays for yourself! You just might be surprised how many secrets a quilt can hold.


Always Changing Displays


Currently on display at the Virginia Quilt Museum are a number of works from well-known Virginia artist, Dorothy Erienborn. Dorothy has been an enthusiastic quilt-maker for over 40 years. Her awards are many, but she is often recognized for her 1985 quilt, “Sweet Land of Liberty.” Local talents are not the only ones with their quilts on display, and as things don’t stay the same forever around here, quilts are regularly switched out to create a constantly new atmosphere for those who wish to visit more than once. Both old age and contemporary displays are included, such as pieces from Manhattan Quilters Guild of New York City. International talents such as Paula Nadestrern and Emiko Toda Loeb are also currently available to view. No matter when you stop by, get ready for inspiration like no other!


Virginia Quilt MuseumThe Women Who Stayed Behind


The Civil War was a rough time in American History, a time when many women were left home, worried sick about the fate of their fathers, sons, and husbands. While tales of the Civil War are in vast print, the women who remained at home, away from the battle lines, have equally compelling tales of their own–stories that can be felt browsing through the Civil War Gallery. It’s not only the quilts that these women made that are on display, but there are also a number of photographs, sentimental items, and sewing machines from this time era as well.


Quilter’s Paradise


For those of you who can’t get enough of quilting, the Museum Store has a lot of great items you will most definitely want to check out. After browsing through such beautiful works of art, it’s not uncommon for people to want to bring home a quilt of their own. Not just any quilts are sold in this storefront. The quilts for sale are only the best of the best, most from local artists, and all top-notch quality in every detail. If you prefer to make your own quilts, enjoy a selection of other superb goods like scarves, jewelry, knick-knacks, and more; in fact you will be able to find quilt-related items you might be hard-pressed to uncover anywhere else!


Virginia Quilt MuseumOne Special Quilt Museum


It’s not in every town that you find a quilt museum that is open almost all year long, especially not one as spectacularly put together as Virginia’s Quilt Museum. With displays that are consistently changing, a host of fun things to purchase, history to uncover, and inspiration to seek, this quilt museum is truly a quilter’s paradise. Even if quilts have never been your thing, stop by and check it out—admission is cheap (free to those 5 years and under)—and the experience is something you likely never imagined. To plan your visit, check out the official website here.