Andre Viette Farm & Nursery

When you think of what makes the Shenandoah Valley the perfect place to visit, more than likely the mountains, the people and the climate are among the attractions that are so inviting. Imagine a place whose inhabitants thrive on little else but the clean mountain air, the sun shining in their faces, frequent rain showers, and a whole lot of love from their caregivers.

Welcome to the beautiful gardens of Viette’s Nursery, located in Fishersville, Virginia, where you are warmly greeted by daylilies, irises, peonies, anemoenies and hundreds more beautiful flowers. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, the knowledgeable staff of Viette’s is waiting to show you around, teach you about perennials or answer questions about your own garden.

A Little Bit About The Nursery You Are About to Visit
André Viette fell in love with the Shenandoah Valley and made it his home in 1976. Soon after his arrival, he opened his business, which consisted only of a nursery or two. With the help of some very rich soil, and as he says, “25% organic material to the soil, which was then amended with plant tone, rock phosphate, green sand and more rich earth” he planted a few perennials and the rest is history.

When Hurricane Hugo came in 1989, it took with her the old maple tree in the front yard that provided ample shade for many of his berms. What André discovered, quite a bit by accident, is how many of his flowers not only survived but preferred their new conditions. He has documented his findings, along with other very useful information for the novice or seasoned gardener, in his books, which are available for purchase at the Nursery.

Whether you are looking for advice for your own garden, want to purchase perennials not found in your home town, or wish to walk the grounds and enjoy the gifts given to us by the great Mother Earth, come and enjoy Viette’s Nursery.

Hours of operation are generally 9:00 – 5:00, except during winter when they open at 9:30 and close at 4:30.

Please visit their website: or call them at: (540) 943-2315.