Andre Viette’s Daylily & Wine Festival

Join us July 16 and 17, 2011 at the Andre Viette Farm and Nursery for the 15th annual Daylily and Wine Festival.  You’ll enjoy live entertainment, informative seminars, arts & crafts, all kinds of foods, children’s activities, and wine tasting from many of Virginia’s premier wineries.





  • Television’s BBQ Pitmasters – The Inside Scoop with John Atkins
  • Gardening as Exercise – by Augusta Health
  • All About Daylilies & the Most Important Tips to Make Gardening Easy – by Andre Viette
  • Homeplace Earth – by Cindy Conner
  • The Natural Garden – by Karl Shank


There will be a silent auction to benefit the Valley Children’s Center, and an opportunity to meet local artist Linda Patrick.


Advance tickets are available for $15/adult (21+ years with id), $5/under 21, Free for 3 & under.  For more information visit