Appalachian Horse Adventures – Mountain Vistas from Horseback

If you wish to enjoy the experience of travelling some of Virginia’s mountain trails without hiking, there are several alternatives. For those who enjoy mechanical horsepower, there are a number of trails that allow travel using jeeps or other four-wheel-drive vehicles. For those with an athletic constitution, many trails are suitable for touring by mountain bikes. For those who like quiet, peaceful, and leisurely travel, the mountains are laced with many trails that are perfect for horseback riding.

Except for horses, all the modes of conveyance require your complete attention while moving. Biking is physically challenging and reserved for the hardy athletic type. ATV and jeep travel require good off-road driving skills. It’s up to you to stay on the right trail and navigate it safely. Whenever you wish to enjoy a scenic vista, you must stop so you can focus upon the view and not the travel. Trail riding on horseback is a completely different experience. The horse becomes your intelligent partner, an experienced navigator that focuses upon safely travelling the trail while you sit high in the saddle enjoying all the rich subtleties of the passing panorama. Your spirit is calmed by the gentle rhythmic swaying of the horse whose silent effort enables you to enjoy the natural sounds of the surrounding mountains.

Appalachian Horse Adventures offers this memorable trail riding experience to all, whether you’re an experienced equestrian or a novice. If you simply wish to give a child the riding experience, Appalachian Horse Adventures offers short 15-minute pony rides to thrill any youngster. The guided trail rides are offered in one-hour, two-hour, and four-hour time frames. The longest half-day rides even include a meal. Some rides travel along trails in the beautiful George Washington National Forest.

Imagine your family sharing an afternoon ride along a wooded forest trail, past gurgling streams, falling waters, and spectacular scenic vistas. It’s an inspirational experience that will become a warm lifelong memory for the entire family. As the people at Appalachian Horse Adventures rightfully boast, “The best way to see the beautiful mountains of Virginia is on the back of a horse.”

Appalachian Horse Adventures is located about 25 minutes from the Virginia cabin rentals at Cabin Creekwood. For more information about the trail rides, call 540-430-5128.