Frontier Culture Museum

The Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia is located in our neck of the woods, in nearby Staunton, Virginia (just a short drive away from Cabin Creekwood’s cabins in Virginia). The museum is a huge compound filled with permanent and temporary historical exhibits housed in historic buildings.

So, what is there to see at the Frontier Culture Museum? There is a complete 1600’s English Farm, a 1700’s German Farm, a 1700’s Irish Blacksmith forge, a 1700’s West African family compound (slave quarters), 1700’s Ganatastwi Native American wigwam example, a 1740’s American Farm, 1820’s American Farm, and 1850’s American Farm. Also on site is an Early American Schoolhouse. Click and view the Frontier Culture Museum map to see all of the different sites and points of interest that you can tour while visiting. It really is a fun place to explore and visit.

The Frontier Culture Museum is open seven days a week Monday through Sunday. Walking paths and trails allow Museum guests to visit all 11 permanent exhibits in both the Old World and American areas of the Museum.  It is recommended that you allow 3-4 hours to see everything by foot.  Shuttle carts run continuously in the event you want a lift.

Self-guided tours with interpreters on site will take place 7 days a week from 9am – 5pm.

Vending snacks and drinks available on patio area and Museum Store as well as picnic table areas.

Museum Offices are closed on all Commonwealth of Virginia state holidays. For more information or to contact museum staff, please call (540) 332-7850.


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