Awesome Spiritual Atmosphere–Gail Eades, Richmond VA

“Our time at Barnwood was the most awesome time I’ve had in a long time. We didn’t get there till near dark so I didn’t know anything about the outside till Saturday morning.

When I walked into the bedroom I couldn’t believe my eyes! The bed was way high off the floor just like ours at home, so it was like being in our bed. Then Sat. AM, Johnnie came in from outside where he had been looking around (while Sister and I were cooking breakfast) and told us there was a bench down by the creek. So I got him to point me in the direction it was in and I went there. Upon getting there, I stood there and tears began to flow (just telling you about it now makes me weepy) because it was the most beautiful, serene “God” place I had been in a long time. And that’s where we spent most of the day. We took tons of pictures and I have one as my computer wallpaper and it’s just wonderful.

I can’t tell you how much I hated to leave that place. I am looking forward to coming there lots more. The whole time I was in VA Beach, I was wishing I was at Barnwood. I like the solitude and quietness of the mountains.” -Gail Eades, Richmond, VA