Blackfriars Playhouse, the World’s Only Reproduction

“Shamelessly Entertaining,” raves the Washington Post. About them The Wall Street Journal says, “All this would be of purely historical interest were it not for the high quality of the American Shakespeare Center’s fast-moving productions, which are authentic.” The Boston Globe says, “The poetry comes alive.” And who exactly are the people these critiques are enamored by? Well, that would be none other than The Blackfriars Playhouse and American Shakespeare Center located in Staunton, VA.

The only known replica of Shakespeare’s indoor theatre, Blackfriar’s has been referred to as one of the most historically important theatres in the world. What makes this significant is that all the plays are performed without set changes, on a simple stage that shares its light with the audience. In other words, as they did in Elizabethan times, the actors just…act.

But don’t visit just for the uncanny resemblance to the original. Come for the unique and often witty interpretation of your favorite Shakespearian play.

Experience Shakespeare today as you would have four hundred years ago. A 300-seat theatre, one section offers brocade-cushioned benches and Gallants’ stools actually on the stage with the actors. Lords’ chairs are also available with armrests and brocade cushions with a luxurious and comfortable leather seat back.

Past performances have included The Rehearsal, Henry IV, Part 1, Titus Andronicus, Mach Ado about Nothing and The Merry Wives of Windsor.

Upcoming for the 2010 season, scheduled are: The Roman Actor, Henry Vi, Part 2, Faustus, two separate performances of The Alchemist.

Visit their website for a virtual tour of their theatre – For tickets, you can call: 877-MUCH-ADO or (540) 851-1733 or they can be purchased in person at their box office located at 10 S. Market Street, in downtown Staunton.

The Blackfriar’s Playhouse, offering Shakespeare the way Shakespeare’s plays were first seen by his adoring fans.