Close to Nature w/o Roughing It! -Robin Zeiger, Richmond VA

Jonathan and I had a wonderful time. Edgewood was the nicest cabin we have stayed in. Although we love coming with our kids, it was wonderful to have time alone to connect as a couple.

We have forgotten how much we like to hike. We also value being close enough to nature without having to rough it. We appreciate your family values and your family friendly place. I had a wonderful prayerful moment out on the balacony of Edgewood overlooking the trees. We also appreciate that we can prepare our own food, since we keep Kosher. This is a real bonus for us on a vacation. We actually spent 4 hours hiking near the Blue Ridge on Thursday.

I am also working on a children’s series (one of my hobbies) and have found Creekwood to be a wonderful place to write. Cabin Creekwood is just close enough to Richmond to be easily doable – but far enough away to really be away. I am also happy we do not have cell phone coverage!!