Escape to Peace and Quiet

Cabin Creekwood is well known as an escape from the boisterous, daily life of the cities and work places. The secluded area surround Cabin Creekwood provides this escape; a shield from the goings-on of the world. Families with busy schedules can run away to the Blue Ridge Mountains and, for a time, take in all that the mountains have to offer.


Many guests regularly find Cabin Creekwood to be a panacea for the speed of their daily lives, and enjoy the mountains for the peace they provide. Nearby, many trails twist their way through the forested areas. The paths are well marked so folks don’t lose their way, but that doesn’t change the fact that most visitors would still like to get lost in the calm and still.


Trails don’t have to be explored on foot, for people that are intrigued by a more challenging way to explore the area have to option to undertake the mountain adventure on horse back. Appalachian Horse Adventures and Star B Stables provide our guests with the special opportunity of touring the mountain in a retrospective way. Riding horses is an amazing experience. The rider gets the opportunity to share two adventures with the family: the experience of riding horses together, and the exploration of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah Valley.


One of the best things about Cabin Creekwood is that if you aren’t necessarily inclined to trek across the mountain, you can find that same peace that you have been searching for right at your cabin. Many guests enjoy spending time relaxing in nature by just sitting on a bench around the campfire or by the creek. Cabin Creekwood is an opportunity for the whole family to unwind, a chance to take a load off without ever having to stand up from your garden bench.