Fall Foliage is On Its Way!

It’s none too soon to start thinking about coming to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia to revel in the wonderful fall colors, when the trees compete for the brightest, cheeriest, most beautiful hues in the forest!

We typically expect the peak of the fall foliage colors to occur during the middle two weeks of October. However, the last couple of years have not held true to that, so it’s anybody’s guess! We have seen peak be as late as November 5, and as early as the first week in October. One thing is certain…if you visit between mid-September and early-November, you are certain to see a variety of fall colors. Early in the season, expect more greens, with scattered spots of bright yellow. As the season progresses, the reds start to show off, and by the end, orange takes over before turning to brown, and then turning loose.