Fall Foliage Report – Still Lots of Color

Even though many of the leaves are starting to turn brown, and others are turning loose, there is still plenty of fall foliage color to be seen in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  Many places, you’ll find trees that are a little later turning than others, whether because of species, elevation, or location.  Regardless of the reason, these late-turning trees provide good opportunities for those still wanting a look at the beautiful colors of fall.


Other sources of color can be found a little lower than the tree tops.  Look in the undergrowth areas for vines or shrubs that are putting on a show.  Many of these hold onto their leaves much longer than the trees, making a show that goes on and on, and giving us extra-long opportunities to find them.


The best way to find these pockets of color is to cover lots of territory.  Make sure when you’re driving that you explore differing elevations, slopes facing in different directions, and different sides of the mountain.  When you come upon an area that looks promising, get out of the car and explore the trails on foot.  Even though the peak is now behind us, you’ll enjoy the fresh air and the opportunity to explore the out of doors while hunting for any remaining color.

Posted 11/1/10