Family Adventure Awaits at Virginia Safari Park

Touring the Blue Ridge Mountains is a most enjoyable family adventure. Each family member, including the children, carries home his or her own special interpretation of the beautiful panoramic vistas. Oftentimes, however, children require a more hands-on activity to expend their seemingly inexhaustible energy. The Virginia Safari Park offers that activity and an experience that the children, not to mention the hidden child in each of the older family members, will talk about for years.


The park, which opened in early 2000, is located just off I-81 in Natural Bridge, Virginia, and is the largest zoo in Virginia. It is also the only zoo in the state that offers visitor a drive-thru option; a three-mile drive through the Shenandoah Valley while enjoying the sight of wild animals in a natural environment. For those who prefer more interaction than the drive-thru option offers, you can enjoy a day at the park travelling on foot.


Think of the thrill watching your children feeding, touching, and watching camels, zebras, bison, elk, llamas, deer, antelope, and ostriches. There are over 1200 animals currently living in the park. It’s not only entertainment for the family; it’s a major educational experience. Interaction with the animals is encouraged. Once they see you with a bucket of food, the animals will make you their new best friend, at least until the food is gone. Imagine the look of awe on your children’s faces when they realize that a bison or an elk is standing only inches away from them, eating from their bucket. Many of the animals love to be petted, even the giraffes. Of course, the average giraffe is a bit tall for most family members, so the zoo has provided an elevated giraffe feeding station allowing you to climb up to the giraffe’s level.


A day at the Virginia Safari Park will create a wonderful memory for the whole family, watching amazing creatures live, frolic, and interact with visitors without fear. The zoo also has a World of Birds Free-Flight Aviary, a large enclosed structure where birds from all over the world fly around freely; a section called Tiger Territory, where Bengal tigers roam; a Reptile building where less pet-able creatures are on exhibit; and a new area featuring the beautiful and sleek jungle cats, the cheetahs. Formal guided Safari Wagon Tours are also scheduled at special times for a more formal tour of the park.


Virginia Safari Park is located near Natural Bridge, VA, just an hour’s drive from “Your Truly Restful Getaway” at Cabin Creekwood.