Frontier Culture Museum in Staunton – Living History at its Finest

The Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia (FCMV), located in the city of Staunton, celebrates the rich and diverse cultures of the early settlers from England, Germany, Ireland and West Africa to the New World. Whether searching for a better life for their families, or forced into slavery, exhibits highlight stories of these immigrant farmers, craftsmen and pioneers as they adjusted to life anew.

In addition to the numerous and informative exhibits offered by FCMV, they are well known for their educational programs, festivals, volunteer opportunities and research.

Whether you are passing through or plan to stay a while, consider taking one of their hands-on classes. For example: Learn how the German, Irish and West African farmers adapted and survived applying old world farming techniques to a land with a vastly different climate and soil. Some of what you will be taught is about how they raised various livestock, cultivated field crops and their use of natural resources to their advantages.

Learn how the Irish raised sheep to make wool for themselves long before this was done with the use of machines.

Although slavery is what brought the first West Africans to the new world, listen to the stories of the Igbo people as they teach you about their fascinating culture and their favorite pastimes.

FCMV offers a myriad of festivals and events throughout the year. Among them are: A wine and beer festival, West African Dedication Day, Fortune Williams Music Festival, two weekends of Creepy Tales, A barbeque competition, Lantern Tours and many more.

If a special event brings you to Staunton, FCMV offers their various facilities to rent. The Octagonal Barn is one of only eight available in Virginia, and comes complete with its own kitchen and restrooms and is perfect for a variety of milestone events.

Located just a short drive from the rental cabins at Cabin Creekwood, the FCMV is a must-see.  Contact them today and see what makes this much more than a museum. (540) 332-7850 or by email: or visit their website: