Ghost Tours in Staunton?

Starting in May and appropriately ending its season the last weekend in October are the nighttime Ghostly Newtown Tours offered by the Ghosts of Staunton and presented by the Shenandoah Valley Paranormal Society. Two separate 90-minute tours commence at the Coffee on the Corner or the Jolly Roger Haggle Antique Shop.

The former takes paranormal enthusiasts through the Beverly and Newton districts of downtown Staunton. The latter covers the Wharf and continues into the Gospel Hill District. Hear the stories; walk through the homes and outdoor sites of several of Staunton’s legendary residents.

There’s the story of Mrs. Bagsby, who is said to still haunt the Belle Grae Inn on Frederick Street. Did the Daily Grind coffee shop change its name to Mugshot Coffeehouse because it was being haunted by the late night visits of Elmer Higgins searching for the person who stole his life?

Many died during the Civil War and Staunton saw a lot of “action” during the war. Some believe that there still might be lost souls walking the streets of Staunton more than 100 years after the war ended. Visit the Staunton Train Station where the disastrous train wreck of 1890 is said to have taken the lives of many whom to this day are still “out there”. What happened at the Pullman Restaurant and at Charlotte’s House? What happened at the Trinity Church Cemetery to the already dead or were they undead? Find out…

For their 2010 schedule, please check their website: or call them at:
540-448-2743, 540-849-7479 or 540-448-0094 to make reservations. Ticket prices are $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for children ages 6-12 years.

It is recommended that you not bring your children under six years old on the tour. It is advised because the tour has difficulty capturing the attention span of children of such a young age. As a result, they often become disruptive to the other tourists.

Bring a flashlight, umbrella, good walking shoes, a camera and most of all, they advise, an open mind.

Find out why the New York Post ranked the Ghosts of Staunton 42 of the 100 Best destinations to visit this summer.