Harley Davidson Motorcycles for Rent

**Note: Since the dealership has been sold, motorcycle rentals are no longer offered at this location.

Honestly, what is cooler than the thought of riding a Harley Davidson in the Blue Ridge or Alleghany mountains? The wind through your hair, leaning back, taking in the beauty and experiencing the freedom that only riding a motorcycle can offer. But a Harley is not just any motorcycle, now is it?

Made popular by the Hells Angels gang and movies like “Easy Rider” starring Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper and a virtually unknown Jack Nicholson, the mystique surrounding the Harley has long been associated with “bad boys” and bandits. The company has been working hard to shake this image over the last two decades, and today it’s not uncommon to see doctors, lawyers, pastors, and other professionals strapping on leathers and revving up.

Seldom do dealers rent their motorcycles because learning to ride a “bike” is quite a bit different from that of a car. In order to get a motorcycle license, it is a requirement in most states to have passed a motorcycle safety course. However, as an authorized Harley-Davidson rental location, Shenandoah Harley-Davidson is happy to rent you a bike for a day, a week or longer if you like.

Rental prices start at $130 a day and for a seven-day rental the price per day drops to $110. If you prefer to rent a Tri-Glide Trike, the rates start at $170 a day and for a seven-day rental, the price per day drops to $145 per day.

Shenandoah Harley-Davidson also rents Buells, which is a subsidiary of Harley. The Blast, a 500 CC bike is perfect for a smaller or less experienced rider.

A security deposit of $2000 is required for all rentals, which is of course returned after you are finished feeling the wind beneath your wings.

**Note: Since the sale of the Harley dealership, rentals are no longer offered at this location.