Hospitality and Kindness at a Lovely Cabin–Rob Lees

Thanks for your great hospitality and the opportunity to stay at your lovely cabin.  The cabin was clean, warm, well equipped and has a peace and serenity that was soul soothing.  Me and my sister were invited to your lovely place by some friends of ours that have been coming up for years.  It was a decision that I was happy I made, and I am looking forward to returning if I have the opportunity.


We came up on a Saturday morning and it was not as snowy as we would have liked, but it didn’t ruin or spoil a single thing.  You let us borrow your buckets and shovels, and we made an awesome slide.  It was great!  We worked together as if we were kids again, and how GREAT is that?  You cannot put a price on that.


Thank you very much.  I enjoyed the whole weekend.  Thank you for your hospitality, kindness and love.  It is nice to get away and just “Be.”  It is nice to recognized and enjoy your family and friends for who and what they are without a lot of distractions.  Your place supplies that opportunity.


Take care and God Bless.  May you always find the love and peace that you provide for others.

-Rob Lees