I’ll Beg My Mom to Bring Me Back Here!

Our stay here was definitely an enjoyable one.  We all had a great time doing things such as: horseback riding, fishing, and cooking out on the grill.  We also enjoyed the cool water of the stream, and at night we would play games and watch a couple movies that we rented from Blockbuster.


There were five of us that stayed here in the cabin: three women and two men.  However, my sister and I were the two youngest, and ruled the house (sarcasm).


We enjoyed the tranquility that could be found, but also because it gave us all a chance to spend time with one another.  Though I do believe that the adults came just so that they could get away from all the things that they call a “nuisance,” like the phone, computer, and t.v. (though we managed to beg them to rent us girls a few movies).


I truly don’t want to leave.  I hope to come back down here next summer, even if I have to beg my mom to bring me for my birthday in August.  Thanks so much for letting us stay in such a wonderful cabin.


Hoping to come back soon!

         – Anna, 14 years old