Jeep’n it on the Stony Run Trail

Owning a jeep or other four-wheel drive vehicle designed for off-road travel, and not taking it out for a run on a 4WD trail is a lot like owning a small airplane and limiting your travel to taxiing back and forth on the runway. It’s simply a waste of potential. Having the power and ability to navigate off road is the one of the best reasons to own a jeep – being able to go into areas where other vehicles cannot go, and enjoying spectacular views that most people will never have the opportunity to experience. If you have the Jeep or 4WD vehicle, all you need is a trail that can provide you with a challenge to your driving skills and the reward of seeing some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. Central Virginia has the perfect trail located near the town of Stuarts Draft – the Stony Run Jeep Trail.

The trail is nearly twelve miles long, and runs from a point at about 1,900 feet elevation at the Coal Road entrance, to an elevation of about 3,100 feet above sea level at its culmination on the Blue Ridge Parkway. In many places, the trail is rocky and steep, getting rougher the further up you go. At the end of the trail, you’ll find yourself on the Blue Ridge Parkway, an excellent reward in itself. It’s definitely not the place for a Sunday drive in the Buick sedan, but offers only a minor challenge to the experienced Jeep driver.

The trail is open seasonally, being closed during the winter for safety reasons and to protect the natural resources. There is no question that it offers a challenging drive, but those who have experienced it testify that the natural beauty and spectacular views make it well worth the effort. Allow about four hours to complete the trail from the Coal Road to the Blue Ridge Parkway or vice versa. When you complete your trip, you’ll undoubtedly feel a great sense of accomplishment from having accepted and met Stony Run’s challenge, and you’ll never forget the views that you had of the George Washington National Forest.

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