Jefferson & Monticello – A Must-See Attraction

Born in 1743, he was a lawyer, member of the House of Burgesses, member of Continental Congress, one of the authors of the Declaration of Independence, Governor of Virginia, Commissioner and Minister to France, first United States Secretary of the State, President of the United States, owner of over 135 slaves, Father, Husband, and he died on Independence Day 1826.

One of the most celebrated presidents in the United States’ history, Thomas Jefferson lived quite an impressive life, did he not? Any one of these professional accomplishments might be noteworthy, but when considering he served in all of these capacities, it is simply mind-boggling.

Located in Charlottesville, Virginia, a 45-minute drive from Cabin Creekwood is Monticello, where Jefferson lived from 1770 until he died 56 years later at the age of 83.

Considering the close proximity to Cabin Creekwood, you owe it to yourself to visit Jefferson’s home but more appropriately what is likely his biggest achievement.

5,000 acres of gardens, the plantation where slaves “worked”, the textile factory and other industries pursued at Monticello are just some of the astonishing things to see at Monticello.

Read the biographies of the people, both enslaved and freed that “worked” for Jefferson and his family. Blacksmiths, gardeners, domestic servants, woodworkers and cooks, whether they were owned or freed, all played a crucial role in the running of Monticello.

It is important if you are planning to tour Monticello, that you visit their website at: and in particular the page entitled Visit,, The latter gives details about getting tickets, group reservations, hours and directions, obtaining maps, customs and courtesies, persons with special needs and helpful tips if you plan to visit with kids.

There are many tours available at Monticello including house tours, “Walk the Lawn”, Independence pass annual ticket, Evening signature tours and more.

Whether Jefferson was a man whom you admired, were simply intrigued by, or you are a history buff, this is truly one of the “must sees” not only if you are visiting our Virginia cabin rentals, but of your life.