Keswick Vineyards

Keswick Vineyards takes the vision of Thomas Jefferson and makes it a reality. Thomas Jefferson knew the lush and bountiful countryside of Virginia was capable of producing incredible wines that could easily rival any wines around the world. Al and Cindy Schornberg own the vineyard. It is one of 20 wineries in the Monticello Viticulture Area. This vineyard, in combination with others, has made Virginia the fifth largest wine producing state in the United States.

Keswick Vineyard is known for a few varieties of distinct wines. Their cabernet sauvignon is one of their best. The vineyard also makes respectable viognier, chardonnay, Bordeaux and touriga. These are all considered high quality wines in a region with increasingly high standards.

Thousands visit this and the surrounding wineries thanks to the easy accessibility of the four wine trails in the area. The eastern trail leads to Keswick Vineyards. The vineyard is set in the middle of 400 acres of woods and farms. The breathtaking view alone makes the trail worth the trip.

Keswick Vineyard offers wine tasting and wine sales everyday from 9 to 5. They are closed on major holidays. The wine experts at Keswick also accommodate special events, including private group wine tasting. Private wine tastings appeal to groups such as garden clubs and book clubs. Office parties and benefit dinners can be even more enjoyable by having them on the grounds of Keswick Vineyard.

The experts at the vineyard can bring the elegance and sophistication of a night of wine tasting right to your home or office too. They will also teach groups about the vineyard and the winemaking process. Private in home tastings cost $35 per person and must be for groups of ten or more. It is also necessary to give the vineyard at least two weeks notice before the event.

Keswick Vineyards offers a free membership for those who wish to receive special offers and wine discounts. A 20% discount on wines, a quarterly newsletter, and an invite to the annual wine club appreciation event is all part of the membership package.