Most Visited National Park in America

The Blue Ridge Parkway is the most visited of all the National Parks in America, according to research done by the National Park Service. This wonderful journey of 463 miles through the mountaintops of Virginia and North Carolina gives both the driver and the passengers a myriad of opportunities to enjoy beautiful mountain vistas, a host of flora and fauna, and a wide variety of wildlife. For those willing to get out of the car and explore on foot, the possibilities of our Virginia hiking trails are almost endless. Explore the Appalachian Trail, hike to incredible mountain views, savor a picnic lunch in this peaceful setting, or linger by cascading waterfalls. It all awaits you on the Blue Ridge Parkway, located just two miles from our Virginia cabin rentals.


17,352,286 people a year can’t be wrong! Make plans to explore the Blue Ridge Parkway today!