Mountain Biking in Virginia

Mountain biking in the Blue Ridge Mountains is an extremely popular sport, and this area is perfect with trails from beginner to expert.


For beginners, we often recommend taking some of the forest service roads off the Coal Road and into the Big Levels Game Management Area.  These two-track roads in the George Washington National Forest are in fairly good condition, without the extreme inclines and turns of the more advanced trails.  One of our favorites for a leisurely afternoon ride with beautiful scenery is the road back to the Mill Creek Reservoir.  At just 1 1/4 miles long, this road is nearly level for most of the distance, with an incline onto the dam for the last several hundred yards.  The view here is spectacular, with no sign of civilization.


For the more advanced, all of the trails in the George Washington National Forest are accessible for mountain biking in Virginia, with the exception of any designated wilderness areas and trails that are specifically marked.  Strenuous pumping up a steep incline, then hurtling down through hairpin curves is an exhileration that is hard to top.


A good trail near here is the Torry Ridge Trail, one of my favorite hiking trails.  This trail is approximately seven miles long, beginning at the Mount Torrey Furnace just three miles from here, and ending at Bald Mountain on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Expect a long, difficult climb followed by a fairly level stretch along the top of Torry Ridge.


All bikers should follow standard safety precautions, including helmets, first aid kits, and always traveling with a partner.