Much Needed Getaway from…

This was our first stay here on what was a much needed getaway from the constant glare of computer screens, ringing of phones, and noise from the surrounding cubicles.  We were so at ease here.


Sitting at a desk all day isn’t the best prep for hiking – I’m out of shape!  When our hearts were pounding and sweat was pouring, we stopped to catch our breath.  On the way down, we crossed paths with about a 4-foot black snake.  He was quick!  We could see him kicking up leaves as he took off for quite a ways down the mountain.  The only other things we saw while on foot were squirrels, chipmunks, and spiders.


While driving we saw quite a few deer standing on the edge of the road and had a close call with a frog and a mouse.  No bears anywhere.


Our biggest challenge was lighting a fire.  It sees like the firewood around here is burnproof!  Countless firestarters and matches and newspaper balls all proved unsuccessful.  But we were determined to have a fire going in that fireplace…so we drove to Walmart and bought a Duraflame log!  “City Folk!”  Oh, well!


Thank you so much for this cozy cabin and a much needed restful, relaxing escape.

    -Jennifer & Fred, Virginia Beach VA