Once You Visit, You’ll Never Stop–Colleen Townsend, Norfolk VA

You could not ask for a more perfect place to take your children, or to just relax by yourself, than these incredible Virginia mountain cabin rentals. The pool is wonderful for the children with lots of pool toys, and very clean! The cabins are very clean, neat, and extremely enchanted. It is like you walked into another world.


I have stayed at Barnwood when we had no money, and Oakwood when we had a little more money, and both were equally delightful to stay in for the week or weekend.

Sherando Lake is a must, it’s also clean, and very family friendly.

Bring food! Stock the refrigerator and enjoy all the little moments that so quickly pass by…

My children were 2 and 3 when I first came, then 8 and 9, now they are 12 and 13…. we watched our Cabin Creekwood tapes last night… we got the fever! Once you go, you’ll never stop!

–Colleen Townsend, Norfolk VA