What is Geocaching, you might ask? Geocaching is a wonderfully fun activity that you can enjoy when hiking and exploring the trails near Cabin Creekwood’s Virginia Cabin Rentals. Using GPS, participants in Geocaching use hide and seek techniques to leave little containers, or ‘caches’ all over the world. Geocaching enthusiasts are found everywhere, and our area is filled with some great places to explore and hunt for these caches. It’s basically a fun treasure hunt for all ages (typically caches do not contain adult materials), when exploring the outdoors. In fact, it has been called ‘The World’s Largest Treasure Hunt’ and it’s always happening. For families with children, this is a great activity that can be used to teach children about navigating, GPS, and a host of other outdoor skills.

A traditional geocache typically is a small container that contains a log book, pen, and a small exchange item. Exchange items are left by the last user to encounter the geocache. Cabin Creekwood is surrounded by tons of wilderness and protected areas where you can hike and many are marked with caches. Register at and you can check out clues to where these are located on area trail maps.

One group in particular, HikingUpward, actively leaves geocaches in our region as well as other regions throughout the southeast.

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