White Rock Falls

White Rock Falls are a short trip from our cabins in Virginia, at Cabin Creekwood. This hike is beautiful no matter what time of year you decide to try and hike it and it's really easy to reach the falls.

The cascade at White Rock Falls flows into a nice little pool. At various times of the year, another waterfall will form on the other side of the rocks in the same area. The pool is a great little wading pool that you can play in easily. The sound of the water is really remarkable at the falls after a nice rain, when the water is really rushing. In our video on this page, we visited during the spring months. The rocks are really easy to maneuver over to the falls as well, if you are up for a little bit of climbing. The hike itself is really worth the trip if you want to see natural waterfalls.

Cabin Creekwood Cabins in Virginia are located right near Sherando Lake and convenient to the biking and hiking trails in the Shenandoah Valley. We invite you to book a trip with us  and get away from it all. You can enjoy our scenic location near the river, fish or canoe in the streams of Sherando Lake and really let all of your worries flee.

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