Perfect Retreat for Busy Entrepreneur–Nate Hagerty, Charlottesville VA

“As an avid traveler, and busy entrepreneur, I’ve been all over the world and the United States to search for the elusive rest. I came to Cabin Creekwood on a whim not quite knowing what to expect, and can I say that I’ve found a gem? In fact, I’m a bit torn writing this note because I know Stan and Deb Horst are already seeing a big increase in the number of people that want to stay here, and I would just love to be able to keep it to myself! So I’m tempted to say how bad it is…but while that would help me be able to stay here more, it just wouldn’t be true!
There’s a cabin for every taste here (Stan gave me a tour)…from a true, rustic “unplugged” pre-Civil-War cabin (complete with a beautiful loft bedroom), to a converted hunting lodge on the banks of a beautiful Creek, to a large cabin next to the well-furnished pool that’s perfect for a big family…anybody can have custom, restful getaway here! I came for a private spiritual retreat (and this place feels very spiritually rejuvenating as well!), but I’m hoping to come back soon with my wife for a romantic weekend in the mountains.
All told, I love it here! I just don’t want too many people to find out about it, so I can keep these beautiful mountain retreats for myself…” -Nate Hagerty, Charlottesville, VA