Pick Your Own Apples at the Carter Mountain Orchard

Eight to ten million bushels of apples are harvested each year in Virginia. Many of those apples come from Carter Mountain Orchard. This rolling picturesque orchard is located right next to the historic Michie Tavern and is only a short distance from the grand historic home Monticello. It is open from mid April until November, plus weekends in December.

The season at Carter Mountain Orchard begins with Spring Fling. This music and crafts festival kicks off the pick-your-own season in Virginia. At the Spring Fling, visitors learn tips for storing apples and other fruit, along with nutritional information, tips for selection of ripe fruit, and tips on how to use and cook apples and other fruits.

The summer ushers in seasonal fruit for visitors to pick and buy. These include varieties of peaches, nectarines, fresh vegetables and summer apples.

Late summer and fall is peak season for Carter Mountain Orchard. Mid August is when peak apple picking season brings in many tourists and local visitors. Red delicious, golden delicious, granny smith, wine sap, fuji and pink lady are all popular types apple aficionados will be able to pick at the orchard. October is the busiest time of year for the orchard. Visitors can also pick pumpkins and gourds during this time.

The official apple picking season is wrapped up each year during the Apple Harvest Festival. This event combines crafts, music, and hay rides. You can find plenty of apple butter, apple donuts and apple pies.

Aside from picking your own fruit, there are many other places to enjoy that are part of Carter Mountain Orchard. Aunt Sarah’s Bakery and the Mountain Grill serve many of the apple goods made right on the property. They also serve burgers, fries, hot dogs and salads. Grandma Ruth’s Country Store has many mouth-watering goodies along with syrups, coffees, baskets, toys, ornaments and home decoration items. There is also a wine shop complete with tastings and parties for visitors. The wine shop is able to make private label bottles of wine for special occasions such as weddings.

Carter Mountain Orchard is a traditional favorite spot for local groups and schools. It also draws more and more tourists each season. You can easily spend the day picking your own apples, sampling all of the products you can make with those fruits and exploring the amazing grounds right in the heart of Virginia apple and wine country.

See www.cartermountainorchard.com for more details.