Pick Your Own Apples this Fall!

Every fall, we look forward to the wonderful taste of crisp, freshly-picked apples.  Nothing else can quite compare to the explosion of flavor that comes with every bite.  And it’s even better when you have the privilege of picking it yourself.


Dickie Brothers Orchard (434-277-5516) allows you to pick your own apples every day throughout most of the month of October.   Flippin-Seaman Orchard (434-277-5824) has specific days.  And Mountain Cove Orchards (434-981-1135) has Fuji apples available mid-October well into the month of November.  Their Fuji apples grow sweeter with each passing day, so the longer they are left on the tree, the better.


Contact each of these orchards at the numbers provided for more information, including days and times that picking is allowed, and the types of apples available.  One thing is certain…you’ll never eat a fresher apple!