Rockfish Gap Outfitters: One Stop Shop for all Your Outdoor Needs

“Rockfish Gap Outfitters is the gateway to your next adventure.”


If you love the outdoors, then you know that in order to withstand the natural elements you will need some man-made gear! The thing is, not all gear is made equally, which is why finding a trusted and reputable shop to supply you with your sporting equipment is a must. Rockfish Gap Outfitters is just the place, located just over 2 miles away from some of the most popular trails and outdoor attractions in Virginia, including Shenandoah National Park and the Blue Ridge Parkway Milepost Zero. There’s no better place to shop when in the Waynesboro area. The reputation that Rockfish has created for itself is nothing new – the store has been open for operation since 1987.


Virginia’s Trusted Source for Outdoor Gear


Rockfish Gap Outfitters


Rockfish Gap Outfitters is anything but small—try over 7,000 square feet of stuff to purchase, browse, or price compare. With all of this space, the store is able to accommodate a wide variety of sports enthusiasts, from hikers to bicyclist, plus paddlers and campers too! Despite all the pro gear, you definitely don’t have to be a pro of any kind to shop here. The friendly folks that work behind the counters are always ready to help, assisting you in your search for the best-suited and best-priced option for any outdoor need you might have. Rockfish does not hire just anyone to be out on the sales floor. Employees must bring knowledgeable insight to both coworkers and customers. Being active individuals themselves, they are perfectly qualified to help you sift through the massive amount of varied inventory. Offering you everything you could want in one spot, with all of the assistance you might need, you will be in and out of Rockfish in no time, ready to conquer whatever outdoor thrill appeals most to you.


Customer Feedback


Take a look at their testimonial page and you’ll quickly notice Rockfish attracts all types, including those that are professional outdoor enthusiasts. Having years of experience out on the trails gives individuals the experience they need to make smart financial decisions when purchasing outdoor gear. Those that are loyal to Rockfish know where to go to get top notch quality, service, and prices. Outdoor gear is more confusing than we often assume. Even professionals need help with gear issues from time to time; but regardless of your problems or inquiries, the helpful team members at Rockfish will help you solve it all—someway, somehow.


Name Brands, Great Prices


If you like bargains and top-notch brands, the folks at Rockfish have you covered—they have the number one brands that fashion-conscious individuals want at great values. Take the ever so popular North Face brand for example; their sweaters and accessories are far more than just a trend. Having been around for many years, North Face products are reliable and long lasting. And at Rockfish, many of these products (from t-shirts to hoodies) are up to 20% off! North Face isn’t the only brand that Rockfish currently offers at discounted prices. Although their sales change, they currently have Hi-Tec boots for both men and women, Vasque Sundowners, and Gregory Border Daypacks at steep discounts. Check back regularly and you never know what you will find!


While not everything is on sale, there are a number of other great outdoor brands available at Rockfish for fair, affordable prices. Just to name a few: Granite Gear, Camelbak, Garmont, Tilley, Teva, Leki, Deuter, Hi-Tec, Vasque, Wigwam, Dansko, and Trek.


Visit Rockfish Gap Outfitters any day of the week, Monday through Saturday they are open from 10 am to 6 pm, and on Sunday from Noon to 5 pm. To take a look at inventory or gather more information, visit their official webpage here.