Sherando Lake Area Trails

There are a number of good Virginia hiking trails in the Sherando Lake area, ranging from very easy for those just wanting a leisurely stroll through the woods, to fairly strenuous for folks who seek more adventure.

The Cliff Trail, Lakeside Trail, and Upper Lake Trail are all short and easy walks near the two lakes.  The Cliff Trail is moderately steep occasionally, but provides great views of the lake.  The Lakeside Trail takes you around the lower lake, and the Upper Lake Trail takes you around the upper lake.

The Blue Loop Trail is 2.5 miles long and blazed with blue markers.  It begins in the lakeside picnic area at Sherando Lake, climbs to the top of Torry Ridge, and circles Sherando Lake, ending near the fishermen’s access road.

The White Rock Gap Trail is an excellent trail for a family day hike.  It is 2.5 miles long, and stretches from the Upper Lake all the way to the Blue Ridge Parkway, following Back Creek.  This trail has fairly gentle grades making it a good for all ages.

The White Rock Falls Trail leads to a wonderfully secluded waterfall and wading pool at the bottom of a gorge.  The trailhead begins on the Blue Ridge Parkway near milepost 20,and is only 9/10 mile to the falls.  The full loop is 2.5 miles.  Park at the Slacks overlook, the head north on the Parkway about 60 yards.  The trailhead will be on the other side of the road.