Sherando Lake Loop Scenic Virginia Mountain Bike Trail

Virginia Mountain Bike Trail

virginia mountain bike trailAs far as Virginia mountain bike trails go – ask any hobby or passionate mountain cyclist what their favorite biking is in the Shenandoah Valley region of Virginia and you’ll likely hear all about the George Washington National Forest. The GWNF is considered by most mountain trial riders, to be the best riding trails in the state.  Mountain biking is not allowed on the Appalachian Trail, and that has led some to grow to really appreciate the trails in the George Washington National Forest. Some have even hailed these trails as the “‘creme de le creme’ of biking in Virginia'”. The Sherando Lake Advanced Loop trail is a trail that offers a little bit of everything.  You’ll find it near the Sherando Lake Recreation area, and it is one of the best Virginia Mountain Bike trails close in to Cabin Creekwood, cabins for rent in VA.

The Sherando Lake Advanced Loop has some great spots where you’ll have to hike the bike, and some great bench cut trails. Some have said it’s a wonderful sampling of the trails around Sherando Lake Virginia and it’s very much like other trails in the George Washington National Forest bike trails system.

The terrain you’ll find in the GWNF is remarkable and offers a little bit of everything: gravel roads, long climbs and some nice downhills. The levels range from Intermediate to super-expert. This area is VERY family friendly, and great for pictures. The Sherando Lake Recreation Area is open seasonally from April 1, 2016 to October 30, 2016. The season has already started this year – so make plans to bring your bike and get some cycling in at this favorite spot. The Virginia Mountain Bike Trail at Sherando Lake area is not the only great thing about the lake. The recreation area also includes South Fork Back creek, which flows into the lake, a great beach for swimming, hiking trails, picnic areas, and remarkable views of the surrounding mountains.

Sherando Lake is actually a collection of 2 lakes, fed by the creek. Lower Sherando and Upper Sherando. Lower Sherando is the larger of the two bodies of water, and includes 25 acres of cool waters. You can swim, fish, and hang out on the beach of Lower Sherando Lake.  Upper Sherando is about 7 acres, and is only available for fishing. The elevation here is about 1,800 feet above sea level and the mountains tower over the pools. Weekend campfire programs are held at the amphitheater Memorial Day through Labor Day. Other events include a kid’s fishing day in May and Smokey Bear’s Birthday Celebration in August. There is a vehicle fee, but it is not expensive and definitely worth the small fees.

Here’s the Virginia Mountain Bike Trail route to follow: 

From the small parking area near the guard house, proceed north on the road up the eastern Blue Loop Trail. This short, but incredibly steep trail ascends straight up the ridge towards the Torry Ridge Trail. Mortals will walk nearly all of this rocky, rutted, goat path that will get the legs fired up right off the bat. Mercifully, this trail is short.

At the intersection with Torry Ridge Trail, turn right onto Torry. Great views along the ridgeline off both sides. Roll up and down to the intersection with Mill Creek connector. Left onto Mill Creek connector to bomb down a mix of technical rock gardens and smooth singletrack. The connector will dead end at Mill Creek Trail (not well signed!) Trail continues up and to the left

(The route information was copied from this link: the MTB Project website on 4/4/16)