Two Kayaks, Three Times the Fun!

Due to changes in Forest Service regulations, and the enforcement of those regulations, Cabin Creekwood is no longer able to provide canoe and kayak rentals for Sherando Lake. We apologize for any inconvenience.

That’s right.  Two kayaks don’t just double the fun, they triple it!  Of course you can’t use two kayaks at once, at least not by yourself.  But that is what makes two kayaks so much fun!  You can share the experience with another person!  Kayaking together is great for:

  • spending quality time with a son or daughter.
  • sharing special time with that person you love.
  • exploring nature together.
  • letting the kids compete in boat races.

Last time I was on Sherando Lake, we had the privilege of watching a beaver swim to his lodge!

So, even though kayaking alone can be very peaceful, sharing the experience with someone else makes it even more enjoyable.

And now Cabin Creekwood has TWO kayaks for your enjoyment!