Unforgettable Memories!

My wife and I elected to stay at Logwood for our honeymoon last year. While I know it’s late to write a review, it also might be a good indicator for how memorable this place, and the people that run it, actually are. Stan and Debbie Horst are exceptional people, I’m pretty sure I’m the current record holder for the number of emails Stan had to answer before I finally made the reservation – he’s great.

Logwood delivers on experiential history. I’ve never had the opportunity to stay in a log cabin, and it actually felt like the Civil War vet who built the place talked to Stan about the feel. The words “Jams” and “Marmalades” (or “Jellies”…I don’t remember) are still etched in some of the floor beams, the boards still creak with history (although, I think those have been replaced since circa 1875), the heater makes a really cool sound when it fires up (seriously, it’s awesome…and also not circa 1875), the flush toilet and bath tub were wonderful additions to the existing structure (okay, so maybe it’s been updated a lot since 1875), and the sound of the creek is incredibly peaceful to fall asleep to!

Something useful to note is that the ceilings are quite low. I’m 5’4” with flip flops on, and I had to duck in some places. I would imagine that taller guests would most likely be miserable.

We made unforgettable memories, and had an absolute blast! The stables that they work with took us (we did the Adventure package) on some mountain trails, and hiking in the Appalachians is breathtaking (my camera threatened to explode).

– Avery White, College Station TX