Virginia Cabin Rentals Best Choice for Graduation

Why settle for a hotel at graduation when you can stay in a Virginia cabin rental? A cabin rental is superior to a hotel in so many different ways:

  1. You have a lot more room to spread out inside a cabin
  2. You have comfortable, homey places to visit with family and friends
  3. You have a full kitchen to take care of meals, and save money by not eating every meal out
  4. You have opportunities to enjoy the outdoors
  5. You can build a fire at a Virginia cabin rental (try that at a hotel and see what they say!)
  6. You can go for a hike, ride horses, or relax by Sherando Lake
  7. You can bring your dog or cat to our pet friendly cabins in Virginia
  8. You can appreciate the scenery
  9. Did I mention you can save money by not eating out so much?
  10. And finally, you’ll never have to bang on the wall to get the next door neighbor to be quiet!

So whether you’re coming to the area for graduation at UVA, JMU, VMI, Bridgewater, or any of the area high schools, pick a Virginia cabin rental for your lodging choice. You’ll be glad you did!