Virginia Cabin Rentals – Wintertime Activities

Although Skiing in Virginia is certainly the most popular wintertime activity for our Virginia Cabin Rental guests, it is not the only thing available for this time of year. Many of our guests choose other types of activities, so I thought you might be interested in hearing about some of these options.

If snow sports sound fun to you, but you aren’t quite ready to take up skiing or snowboarding, Wintergreen resort has another option for you…Snow Tubing! The Plunge Tubing Park at Wintergreen Resort VA is a blast for kids and adults alike. Imagine sledding like you did as a kid, but this time on steroids! The Plunge Tubing Park is longer than three football fields, with a vertical drop of a ten story building! And when you finally slow down from over 30 mph and get to the bottom, the lift will bring you right back to the top so you can do it all over again!

Hiking in Virginia in the winter brings its own unique set of challenges and pleasures. With all the leaves gone from the trees, its much easier to see through the woods. That makes you much more likely to spot wildlife and to gaze at the distant mountain peaks. The trick to hiking in the winter is to dress in layers, so it’s easy to adjust your temperature levels. You’ll get warm quickly while hiking, but when you stop to take a break, the chill will set in in just a matter of minutes. It is just as important as the summer to take plenty of water along, as dehydration can happen in the winter too.

Virginia Fly Fishing is good in the winter. The trout prefer these colder temperatures and are much more active. You do have to be pretty devoted to stay for long, though, as your hands can get cold in a very short time. Speaking of devotion, I’ll never forget the time I was at Sherando Lake during the dead of winter, and watched as a gentleman pushed his rowboat out across the ice until he was able to float it in the water. Now that’s devotion, or desparation. I’m not sure which.


Once you’ve tired of the outdoor activities, warming up in your Virginia Mountain Cabin next to a roaring fire with a cup of hot chocolate is always a pleasure.

And if tackling the elements in the great outdoors seems a little more than you want to take on, you can always stay inside, cuddle up next to a warm fire, and thank God you don’t have to go outside!   It is perfectly fine this time of year to stay indoors at your Virginia Rental Cabin.  You could read a book, play a game, watch a DVD, or just snuggle up next to that special someone.