Warm Yourself from Winter’s Chill at the Annual Winter Wine Festival in Historic Staunton


The Stonewall Jackson HotelThe third annual Winter Wine Festival is about to take place in Staunton Virginia, and for good reason, folks from all over are excited! The Stonewall Jackson Hotel offers an ideal location to sample wines from the over 15 vineyards that are scheduled to be in attendance. Virginia is known for having a number of great wineries, and while many are located rather close to one another, nothing beats having so many of them conveniently located in the same hotel. In fact, the best part about the Winter Wine Festival is the chance to sample so many different types of wine at one location. Typically a wine tasting only includes a selection of wines from one vineyard—in this case, you will be lucky enough to try wines that vary in so many distinct ways. From the way the grapes are grown, to the way the wine is actually prepared, no two vineyards follow the same set of rules. Find the wine that best suits your taste buds. The Winter Wine Festival only happens once a year, so don’t let this opportunity slip away in 2013!


The Stonewall Jackson Hotel


It’s no wonder that the historical society has decided to put this event on at The Stonewall Jackson Hotel, which in itself is a hotel full of history. Originally established in 1924, it has since undergone major restorations in 2005 making it into a modernly chic yet historically rich location. Many of the renovations were conducted to bring the building back to its original glamor, including some key artifacts on display such as a 1924 Wurlitzer Organ that is the only one of its kind. Chandeliers and wall sconces throughout the hotel and lobby are also original details that have been repaired and restored to their original beauty. The hotel is often cited for its amazing on-site staff, elegant décor, and comfortable atmosphere. Therefore, you couldn’t ask for a better place to enjoy the Winter Wine Festival than the Stonewall Jackson Hotel. Make sure to check out the Colonnade Ballroom where you’ll feel like you’ve slipped a hundred years back into the past. This well-preserved room was largely popular for events in the earliest years of its life, and thanks to the glamour it still possess today, it remains popular.


The Historic Staunton Foundation


The Winter Wine Festival is put on by Staunton’s graciously recognized historical organization, which was founded in 1971 as a way to preserve the many historic locations that make up Virginia’s colorful past. Largely focused on keeping Staunton beautifully preserved, the group is also committed to benefiting the community at large, a significant reason that over 550 businesses and individuals routinely donate to the organization to keep it up and running.


Save Money, Buy Tickets Early


The Winter Wine Festival will be held on the 15th of February this year. Take advantage of the discounts offered by picking up tickets to the event early. Ticket pre-sales are available for only $15 from the Historic Staunton Foundation, or at one of the following retailers: Blue Mountain Coffees, Bookworks, The Emporium, and The Gallery Shop at the R.R. Smith Center. For a slightly higher fee of $20, guests can also purchase tickets at the door on the day of the event.


For more information about the Winter Wine Festival, or to learn more about events put on by the Historical Foundation, check out the official webpage here.