Winter Activities in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Winter in the Blue Ridge is a special time of year.  The air is so crisp and cold, and the outdoors is just waiting for you to come and explore.  Of course, with the temperatures so cold, it is even more critical to dress appropriately for the weather.


The most popular winter activities of our guests involve sliding down a slippery slope.  Wintergreen Ski Resort is only three miles away, and Massanutten Resort is about an hour away.  Both resorts offer skiing, snowboarding, and lessons.  Another option for those not wanting to ski or snowboard is to take advantage of the tubing parks.  These parks offer the opportunity to zoom down a slope on a large tube, and then relax while riding back to the top.


These are not the only winter activities, however.  Winter is a wonderful time to hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  The crisp air and low humidity make visibility better than any other time of the year, giving you opportunities to see great distances and enjoy the views of distant mountain ranges.  Wildlife are typically very active during the winter, especially on bright sunny days.  If there’s snow on the ground, you’ll easily be able to pick out the different animals moving about in the forest.


Just be sure, whether skiing, snowboarding, hiking, or enjoying some other winter activity, to drink plenty of fluids.  It is easy to get dehydrated in the winter, simply because you don’t feel as thirsty.