Winter Sports Without the Crowds!

15122014085327As we approach another winter, thoughts for many turn to skiing and snowboarding. Yet memories of standing in line at the ski lift, struggling to avoid novice skiers, or worries about running into others cloud that memory.

Thankfully, there are several simple tactics to avoid the crowds.

Crowd Avoiding Tactic #1: Take your winter sports vacation midweek instead of on the weekend!

Sounds simple, I know. And you’d be shocked at just how big of a difference it can make! Yet few take advantage of such an obvious opportunity to enjoy the slopes without bumping into another snowboarder.

Why, you ask? After all, the benefits are wonderful…

You won’t wait in long lines. You’ll see fewer people on the slopes. And you’ll save lots of money on lift tickets and lodging.

For some, the reason not to come midweek is because of kids in school. And that is a legitimate reason.  Although one must ask, will missing a day or two of school really affect your 10-year-old’s chances of getting into college? Probably not.

For those whom school is not an issue, I think the reason they stick to weekends is nothing more than conditioning. We’re taught by advertising and example that vacations happen in the summer. So we never even think about taking time off during the week in other seasons! Is there really any reason you couldn’t use a couple of your vacation days this winter?

Crowd Avoiding Tactic #2: Choose Your Lodging Away from the Resort

Staying at the ski resort or even on the slopes has the advantage of closeness. And for some folks, that advantage outweighs other considerations.

Staying off resort has its own advantages, one of which is avoiding crowds. Whether weekend or midweek, you’ll deal with fewer people if you choose a restful getaway like Cabin Creekwood, and still be close enough at 3 miles to drive in for the day, or even for a couple hours at a time.

Another significant advantage of staying off resort can be cost savings. A cabin for two at Cabin Creekwood starts at $119/night midweek during the ski season, compared to $200 plus at a resort. And all of our cabins have full kitchens so you can do as much of your own food preparation as you want.

Crowd Avoiding Tactic #3: Avoid Holidays

And finally, it should go without saying that avoiding the slopes during holidays is important if you’d rather not deal with the crowds. But if you have no other dates available, crowd avoiding tactic #2 can help you make the best of your time away.

So what’s stopping you? Go ahead and check out our available cabins, pick the dates you want to come, and get that reservation locked in before someone else takes your spot!

Photo by dolanh / CC BY