Choosing Your Virginia Mountain Cabin

There are so many options when thinking about a vacation getaway that it can become mind-boggling to choose between them.  Here are some points to consider when trying to plan your Virginia mountain getaway.


Driving Distance–How far do you really want to go on that getaway?  Is it worth it to you to drive hours upon hours just because that is the only place you’ve heard about?


Features and Amenities–What are the features that are important to you?  Will you really use that hot tub or pool table?  How about the swimming pool?  It may be nice to have them available, or they may really not be that important to you at all.  What about furnishings?  Is the cabin fully furnished, or will you have to bring along your own linens, towels, and cookware?


Proximity to Attractions–Maybe you want to visit a specific attraction on your getaway.  In that case, your search area is much narrower, as you’ll need to look for something within a reasonable distance to your eventual destination.


Helpfulness of Staff/Owners–You may find that on-site owners are more helpful, as they have a much larger stake in their property than staff members.  How helpful are they when you call them on the phone with a question?  How knowledgeable are they about the surrounding area?  Will they be able to help you customize your vacation with the things that you want to see and do?


Availability of Attractions–What is there to do nearby?  Are there things to keep you occupied?  Maybe you just want to find a place to sit by the fire and relax.  That can be very rejuvenating, but the last thing you want on vacation is to wind up feeling bored with nothing available to do.


Size of the Facility–Are you planning a getaway with a large group, or just a couple of people?  Make sure the facility that you choose is able to accomodate your needs.


What do previous guests say?–Always take time to read the comments or ratings from previous guests.  If guests are happy, that is a good sign.  Conversely, if there are no comments from previous guests, perhaps there’s a reason for that!  Stick with places that have a good reputation.


Keep in mind that different people will place different levels of importance on each of these criteria, and no one facility is the right fit for everyone.  However, if you take the time to think through each of these questions as you plan your next Virginia cabin rental getaway, you’ll be in a much better position to choose a place that will make everyone in your party happy.


Best of luck as you plan your next Virginia mountain vacation!