Wildlife Center Saves Falcon

The Virginia Wildlife Center, located just 10 minutes from our Virginia cabin rentals, had the unique privilege of nursing a peregrine falcon back to health, and releasing it at the Grandview Nature Preserve in Hampton, VA recently.  The bird had been found in Accomack County last month with an eye injury, but was also underweight and missing some feathers.  The Wildlife Center treated its injuries, then gave it flight exercises in an outdoor flight pen.


With more than 30 people gathered to witness this event, Wildlife Center President Edward Clark released the falcon into the clear and balmy skies.  After gaining some altitude, the falcon flew north briefly, got its bearings, then headed south to warmer conditions.  Clark said, “I suspect this bird has Florida on the brain, which is not an altogether bad idea.”


Peregrine Falcons are the fastest animals on earth, but are a rarety in Virginia.  At this point there are only 20 known pairs in the state.