Lyndhurst VA

Planning a trip to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, consider staying at Cabin Creekwood in Lyndhurst VA. We offer nine cabin rentals that provide easy access to many surroundings and attractions. Click over to our Cabins page to browse them now.

Location can make the difference in any vacation and be the deciding factor between you seeing everything you wanted to and missing out on much because who wants to spend their whole trip in the car? Sure, if it's a road trip, that makes sense, but not when you have an intended destination. In this case, travel takes away from time spent elsewhere. Not to mention, there needs to be a caution sign: the landscape loses a little of its magic when viewed only through a car window. Trust us when we say, you'll be ready to stop the vehicle to get out, breathe in the fresh air, and plant your feet on the Virginia ground.

Lyndhurst is filled with outdoor recreational opportunities. Many of our guests enjoy kayaking, biking, hiking, and sight seeing, because they're not only enjoyable activities, but they also allow for experiencing the greater area. Others like to tour around, shop, and dine at the local restaurants and eateries in and around Lyndhurst, Waynesboro, and even Charlottesville VA. Our Virginia Mountain cabin rentals provide a central location where you can see and do it all.

Browse our site to find any ongoing specials, read reviews from our past guests, and see photos of the site. When you're ready to embark on an excursion, you can book one of our cabins in Lyndhurst VA online today.

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