The Wintergreen Winery – A Visual and Taste Experience

Imagine this idyllic scene. You’re relaxing high up in the Blue Ridge Mountains, comfortably seated while enjoying the spectacular panorama of the natural color and texture that nature has spread out before you. Enhance this scene by imagining that you are basking in garden of natural beauty while sipping a glass of your favorite wine. […]

Andre Viette Farm & Nursery

When you think of what makes the Shenandoah Valley the perfect place to visit, more than likely the mountains, the people and the climate are among the attractions that are so inviting. Imagine a place whose inhabitants thrive on little else but the clean mountain air, the sun shining in their faces, frequent rain showers, […]

Valley Brethren & Mennonite Heritage Center

Arriving in the Shenandoah Valley more than two hundred years ago, the Mennonites and Brethren have changed little from the early days of their settlement. Living off the land, building their own homes and quietly worshiping Jesus Christ, these uncomplicated and unassuming people have largely gone unnoticed all this time. Indeed it is precisely their […]

Experience 18th Century Dining at Michie Tavern near Monticello

For anyone who has ever wondered what it would be like to sit back and enjoy a great meal in an 18th century tavern, Michie Tavern is the place to visit. Once you enter this large white tavern, you will instantly be greeted with over two hundred years of courteous service and history. The hostess […]

A Memorable Lunch at the Purple Foot

If you’re on vacation and you happen to be out and about with the family near Waynesboro, Virginia at lunch time, and have suddenly realized that you’re all getting a bit hungry, suppress the tendency to look for a roadside fast-food restaurant to assuage the family’s hunger. Frankly, you can eat fast food when you’re […]

The P. Buckley Moss Museum & Foundation

Whether you are familiar with the artwork of P. Buckley Moss or not, you owe it to yourself to visit the museum that exhibits her artistry. Indeed, it may seem quite lofty to devote an entire building to showcase the paintings of one artist. However, once you have visited this perfectly replicated 19th century home […]

Have A Sun-Filled and Fun-Filled Day at Lake Monocan Park

Lake Monocan Park is the ideal day destination for active families who enjoy being outdoors. There truly is something for everyone to do at this family friendly Wintergreen area attraction. The 20 acre lake of course the center of attraction at the park. A lifeguard is on duty at the lake from Memorial Day to […]

Take a Leisurely Tour on the Skyline Drive

The Skyline Drive, a National Scenic Byway, is 105 miles long, running north and south for the entire length of the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. It is also designated as a National Historic Landmark, and is inscribed on the National Register of Historic Places. The southern terminus is in Rockfish Gap […]

Natural Bridge Zoo – A Hands On Educational Experience

Promising to be “home to the most complete collection of exotic zoo animals and birds in the state of Virginia, and a breeding and rescue zoo for rare and endangered species” is the Natural Bridge Zoo. In less than twenty-minutes from Staunton, your kids and you can be feeding goats, donkeys, sheep, pigs, llamas and […]

Thomas Jefferson’s Vineyard and Winery

Thomas Jefferson had a legendary love of wine and believed that the Virginia homeland he loved was the perfect place to create amazing wines that could rival others around the world. In 1774, Jefferson planted his first vineyard just a mile from his beloved Monticello home. In 1981, the original site was replanted with the […]