Fall Foliage Update – October 26, 2009

The Fall Foliage peaked in our area this past weekend, but there’s still lots of color to be seen.  Although most of the mountain-top foliage visible from the Blue Ridge Parkway has begun to dull towards that late-season brown, the views in the valley are quite spectacular, and should provide visitors with good color over the […]

Fall Foliage Update–October 19, 2009

Despite the rain, wind, and ice over the weekend, fall color remains quite strong in the area, with some sections just moving into “peak”.  Temperatures were down to a low of 28 this morning, but will be much warmer throughout the next couple of days.  Along the ridge top, ice hung in the trees most […]

Fall Foliage Update–October 16, 2009

Autumn is in full swing here with lots of that great fall color everywhere you look.  In fact, I would say we are right in the middle of peak!  The rusty reds of the Dogwoods and the yellows of the Tulip Poplar stand out among the slower-turning Oaks and Maples, although they are beginning to […]

Pick Your Own Apples this Fall!

Every fall, we look forward to the wonderful taste of crisp, freshly-picked apples.  Nothing else can quite compare to the explosion of flavor that comes with every bite.  And it’s even better when you have the privilege of picking it yourself.   Dickie Brothers Orchard (434-277-5516) allows you to pick your own apples every day throughout most of the […]

Green Valley Book Fair Great Place to Buy Books

Posted by Stan Horst, 10/7/09 The Green Valley Book Fair is coming to town.  This warehouse bookstore, located just 45 minutes north of our Virginia mountain cabins known as Cabin Creekwood, contains an incredible collection of books of all varieties.  You’ll find books on: Business Fiction Literature Christian Fiction History and Current Events Nature and […]

How to See the Best Fall Foliage in Virginia – 10/5/09

The brilliant display of colors known as the fall foliage is changing almost daily now in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  Due to the different elevations and amazing varieties of trees, it is impossible to pick a date that will be “peak” for the entire area.  Even within a particular area, you’ll find pockets […]

Fall Foliage Update – September 30, 2009

Green is still the predominant color of the mountains, but the hues of fall are beginning to show themselves.  Here and there, individual trees, and some small groups of similar trees, are turning the first shades of yellow, orange, and red.  Expect the colors of these early trees to deepen and intensify over the next […]

Cabin Improvement Just For You!

At Cabin Creekwood, we’re taking a break before the Virginia fall foliage really starts to show off to make some improvements to the cabins.   At Cabin Rockwood, we’ve torn out all the carpets in the main level and replaced them with oak laminate flooring.  it really looks nice, and will be much more durable. […]

Hiking in the Blue Ridge

There are so many great trails to choose from along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia, and fall is a great time of year to explore them.  Whether you’re looking for just a light stroll along a lake, or something more challenging that will take most of the day, there is a trail here just […]

Choosing Your Virginia Mountain Cabin

There are so many options when thinking about a vacation getaway that it can become mind-boggling to choose between them.  Here are some points to consider when trying to plan your Virginia mountain getaway.   Driving Distance–How far do you really want to go on that getaway?  Is it worth it to you to drive […]