Fall Foliage Update

Well, the peak of the fall foliage right around our cabins is starting to fade, although the show isn’t completely over yet. There are still quite a few pockets of brilliance to be found by driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway, or a number of other area scenic roads. Just ask, and we’ll point you […]

Virginia Safari Park – Is It Worth the Dinero?

My personal report on the Virginia Safari Park. The Virginia Safari Park in Natural Bridge proudly proclaims itself as the “only drive-through zoo” in Virginia! That might be true, but is it worth it to pay $16.95 a person for the opportunity to drive through and see their animals? I must admit, I remained skeptical […]

Bird Watching in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Hello all you bird enthusiasts and bird watching newbies; looking for a spot that offers an exquisite bird watching experience? I know just the place. The Blue Ridge Mountains provide the ideal location. Yes, you read correctly; I did say the Blue Ridge Mountains. While known for the many hiking/biking trails, the scenic drive, and […]

7 Simple Steps to Planning a Successful Day Hike

Ever been soaked right through by rain, while you were enjoying the great outdoors? Did you realize you left your insect repellant half-way through your hike or worst; your map/guide? Whether you are an avid hiker or just an individual who hikes occasionally, I am certain you will agree that proper preparations will determine whether […]

Staunton Music Festival – Classical Summer Sounds

Classical, romantic, old, new, invigorating, educational and entertaining, are a few of the words I could use to describe the Staunton music festival. Hello all you music lovers out there, this is the event you have been waiting for all year long, and now it’s here. Carsten Schmidt and his non-profit corporation, Staunton Music Festival, […]

Blue Ridge Parkway, VA: Rich History and Fun-filled Activities

Celebrating its 78th anniversary this year, 2013; the Blue Ridge Parkway was not always the beautiful and captivating 469 mile, scenic “all American road” we know and enjoy today. The project was commissioned by then president, Franklin D. Roosevelt as a means to boost the economy during the great depression of the 1930’s and connect […]

5 Fun-Filled Activities for a Day Trip to Charlottesville

As if I hadn’t known that school was finally out, I got a reminder from Elizabeth and James (my 8 year old daughter and 12 year old stepson). As I entered the living room exhausted from a long day of work Friday; the speakers connected to the desktop computer emitted Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out for […]

Rockingham County Fair – A Virginia Fair Like No Other

It’s that time of year when the Ferris wheels, cotton candies, caramel apples and corn dogs come out. You’ve heard about a number of fairs, probably even attended a few, now you are thinking to yourself, “if you’ve seen one fair, you’ve seen them all.” Right? Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. The Rockingham County […]